Zoydo in R-Type

Zoydo is an occasional enemy in the R-Type Series. Like many other Bydo, it's name has changed from mission to mission, and is often also referred to as Zoid, and Gobuka Brain in certain circles.



These creatures live within the Brood, they attack when they sense objects close to them.

R-Type Command

P zoido


B-Zd Zoydo -Resilient Entity-

Simple parasitic life forms spawned from Baldur that act upon instinct, ramming anything that approaches.

  • Units: 5
  • Fuel: 50
  • Radar: 2
  • Speed: 2
  • Evade: 25%




Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use/td> Type Note
Ram Beta 99 60 1-1 50% ATK Ram A Bydo's ramming attack. Can push enemies back or steal fuel upon impact.

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