B-Yg Yokegon -Amphibious Lifeform-

A large aquatic alien which inhabits the remote areas of the Milky Way. Has been overtaken by the Bydo.

HP: 160 (Head and Tail), 140 (Other segments)

Ace HP: 189 (Head and Tail), 166 (Other segments)

Fuel: 99

Radar: 3 (Head and Tail), 2 (Other segments)

Speed: 1 (Head), 0 (Other segments)

Evade: 35% (Head), 15% (Other segments)




This unit can only be obtained through hacking.


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Tackle 99 75 1-1 70% ATK Ram Ram attack from larger Bydo organisms. Considered one of the more powerful ram attacks.


A fully grown Yorkgorn swimming upwards.

The Yorkgorn is a massive water snake; R-craft are the size of a snack to this creature, and the Yorkgorn will treat them as such. It's only found in underwater environments.
  • Class: Large Bydo
  • Designation: Giant Snake
  • HP Level: 3
  • Location: Twisted Ecology; it's seen in 2.2 and 2.3, but only attacks in 2.4

Giant snake-like Bydo that lives in water. Looks like a reptile, but it descended from bird-like Bydo. The long body holds up to 10 eggs. Many eggs can be laid at once.

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