Xelf-16's MEGA Wave Cannon

Xelf-16 is the first boss of R-Type Final, encountered in Metropolis Quietus; in fact, pilots will witness its beam weapon several times while flying in the area. It resembles nothing more than a very large Photon-Belt Wave Cannon wrapped in liquid metal, similar to that used for the Meltcraft, B-3B Metallic Dawn (and its Wave Cannon, Force Wave Cannon LM), and Metallic Force. This creature can manipulate large amounts of liquid metal, and the core is completely invulnerable while being protected by the liquid metal, even to the Giga Wave Cannon.

Attack Patterns

Xelf-16 attacks pilots by charging its large beam cannon, and unleashing a blast at a diagonal angle. It will then sharpen and elongate the surrounding liquid metal to form spikes. This is followed by retracting either its top or bottom liquid metal extensions, with the remaining section creating liquid metal spheres that will break off to form Meltcraft. The cycle then repeats itself.

The liquid metal environment greatly reduces the effectiveness of spread-shot and wide-angle weapons; Missile effectiveness is also reduced, and bombs are useless. Pilots will have sufficient time to charge several loops of their Wave Cannon before engaging Xelf-16 and are advised to unleash it at the earliest opportunity; stronger Wave Cannons can take it out in one shot.

R-Type Final

Group of liquid metal Bydo. The tiny bodies can be measured in nanometers, and they have no attack strength. But when working together, they can form shapes, and behave like organelles within a cell. Still bigger colonies can form a life form with a collective consciousness.


Xelf-24 in R-Type Tactics II.

S 001

Xelf-24 in R-Type Tactics II.

Xelf-24, appearing much like Xelf-16 in R-Type Final, makes an appearance in R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate. However, it can no longer produce Meltcraft from within its own body.

Xelf-24 is a man-made Bydo created by the Solar Liberation League.


Xelf-24 -Liquid Metal Weapon-

A lifeform covered in an assembly of microscopic liquid metal-like Bydo. The core in its center is its weak point. The liquid metal can freely alter its form to destroy anything that is approaching, or to prey upon other objects.

HP: 190

Fuel: 100

Charge: 2 Turn

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 0%


Charge Enabled

Carry x8


Name Ammo Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Xelf High-Beam 2 Turn 210 248 -- 100% ATK Piercing Optical Weapon Its whole body will start to store and charge destructive energy in its core area when its senses danger. It will then fire the energy in a massive beam at the enemy.
Xelf Talon 99 75 89 2-4 80% ATK Physical Attack An attack that is meant to serve as a defensive mechanism for the core. When it senses an enemy it will change its body composition by making it extremely hard, in order to pierce the enemy.

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