X-Multiply is a shooter similar to R-Type with similar elements; for example, there's a big mothership in stage 2. Such ships are actually quite common in shooters, and can be also seen in the Gradius and Darius game series. There are 7 stages to the game. Irem released it along with Image Fight in 1998, for the Sega Saturn and Playstation, though it also appeared in arcades.


Xmultipl title

Attract Screen.

Taking a page from the classic film Fantastic Voyage, microscopic aliens invade a colony planet in the year 2249, infesting humans with themselves. To combat the alien queen, currently residing in a human female host, local scientists construct and deploy the X-002, a microscopic fighter.


This is a sidescrolling game with a single top-scrolling stage. If emulated, using a control pad instead of a keyboard offers better control.


Stage 1: Hostur

Stage 2: Rokusu

Stage 3: Zarikasu

Stage 4: Ghoums

Stage 5: Hidra

Stage 6: Darya

Stage 7: Bykhee


  • The ship doesn't possess a Force device, but the tentacle-like appendages it uses were later incorporated in the Flexible Force.
  • Konami's Xexex uses a force-like pod called the Flint, which uses similar tentacle mechanics from X-Multiply.

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