R-Type Final Wave Core
The Wave Core is the power source of a Warship, using Wave Cannon energy as a fuel source. This is far from a passive power core, however, and attackers will instead find themselves on the defensive. The path to the Wave Core must be be blown away first. Once breached, R-craft pilots will have three defenses to contend with, and only one that's vulnerable.

The pattern begins with the primary defensive weapon, a cylinder with a pair of turrets that spits out two geysers of energy bullets will slide out from the main tube. The only way to survive this is to take a position between the jets. It will does this twice before retreating back into the main tube. The Wave Core itself will then appear very briefly out of the right tube, launching a shower of Bydo Shots to provide cover. Pilots should have a fully-charged Wave Cannon shot for this moment. If the Wave Core survives, it will retreat back into the tube. A pair of mortars to the left of the tube will rain down small shells near the Core, then the process will repeat itself.

Though the Wave Core might seem durable, pilots will have plenty of time to charge a Wave Cannon blast between each showing of the core, and it will fall quickly.


R-Type Final

Power source of a warship. It is a Bydo tool now, and it supplies them with extra energy. The Wave Core contains high-density, compressed Wave particles, which form a light vortex inside.

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