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R-Type Warship PCE
The giant Warship is a common boss enemy pilots face during R-Type missions. Warships are typically festooned with weapons and supplemental parts, and are frequently supported by drone craft, such as Guntaks or Revos to fend off small attackers. Regardless, the Warship's Core is the primary target. The Warship has been known to detach parts of itself after sustaining damage in that area, which then become a navigation hazard.


Warship-Full by Fel1230
It's a very large ship, approximately 1 kilometer in length. The Warship contains the following enemies:

It's sometimes referred to as the Battleship Crusader, or the Mega-Battleship. In some versions of the game (most notably the PC-Engine), there is also the ground to contend with, when the ship flies lower, as well as enemies who will "escort" the Warship (e.g. Bink, Pata-Pata)

R-Type II/Super R-Type

Pilots will be assaulted by many Warships in this mission, thankfully smaller than the first one. These Warships are smaller and more agile. They're outfitted with Bydo Shot cannons and a forward-firing bolt that pierces through Forces. These ships cannot be destroyed, but their weaponry can, for the most part. They carry Audreys and will deploy them when hostile targets approach.

R-Type Delta

Another Warship resembling the one from the first mission makes an appearance during the Stage 5 boss rush. It quickly breaks apart during the fight, but both sections float around the battlefield, becoming yet another hazard.

R-Type Final

The Warship in Battleship Raid contains the following components:

Glam and Gains also protect the Warship.

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate


Space Corps forces attacking the Warship. Most of its top-rear turrets are still intact.

A Warship, of the same version encountered in R-Type, and later as a wreck in R-Type Delta, is encountered in the third mission once the Space Corps and the Granzera Revolutionary Army have allied with each other, with all of its deadly armaments from past games intact; the player commander calls it the "Green Hell". The number of map hexes taken up by the Warship dwarfs even the largest playable ships, and any units caught in its path will be destroyed instantly. Gains and Revos will also impede player progress in trying to destroy the ship.

Like always, its weak point remains the Warship (Core); destroying it will destroy the ship. Sections of the ship that could be destroyed in past games could also be destroyed in its Tactics II rendition.

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