While the Space Corps have a variety of ships both interstellar and atmospheric, it has very little support when it comes to water. The Egir was constructed as heavy command and support for aerial R-craft for local missions since the other interstellar battleships, such as the UFCS-05 Jormungandr, and UFHC-007 Vanargand, were likely in space. Having a command craft that can operate easily on water allows for better coordination of underwater missions. The Egir also packs a serious punch; though it only has two types of missiles, they can cover a wide range and are very effective. The craft is heavily specialized, and relies on support for it's own survival, since it has virtually no ability to flee from close-range attackers.

The Egir can only be deployed in areas that have a waterline, and it can only be deployed on the surface.


UFWS-004 Egir -Battleship-

Space Corps battleship which excels in both anti-air and anti-marine weapons. Contains docking bay.

HP: 180

ACE HP: 212

Fuel: 45

Radar: 4

Speed: 2

Evade: 8%


Carry x2


Jurisdictive Dossier

Underwater Module

300 Solonium


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
S.A.M. 20 55 Air: 3-5 85% A/B Guided Long range Surface-to-Air Missiles used by waterbound ships.
A.S.R.OC. 30 55 Sea: 3-5 75% A/C Guided Anti-Submarine-Rockets that are more powerful than normal torpedoes and are larger in number.



  • The Egir is liked named after one of a couple of Norse characters:
    • Egil One-Hand, from The Story of Egil One-Hand and Asmund Berserkers-Slayer.
    • Egil, a farmer from the poem Hymiskvida.

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