UFBS-AE2 Muspellheim

The UFBS-AE2 Muspellheim, as it appears in R-Type Command.

Type Advanced Assault Dreadnought
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Command
Status In Use
Primary User Space Corps



UFBS-AE3 Niflheim

UFBS-AE1 Jotunheim

Variants None

The Muspellheim is the second type of dreadnought encountered in the Bydo campaign and first appears in the Bydo mission, "Foward Momentum." It is the second most powerful Dreadnought currently known, as information on R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate is limited.

With the construction of the Jotunheim, the Space Corps quickly moved on to further develop their Super Dreadnought series. The Muspellheim was constructed as a suprise dreadnought, to quickly wipe out Bydo forces with its powerful weaponry. It was deployed thrice in known war records: In operation Foward Momentum, and in Operation Martian Repose. Both were to attempts to stop the Bydo Homecoming event in the events of Tactics 1/Command.

The third time seen during the Bydo chapter of Tactics 2, which is assumed to be under the control of the Solar Liberation League as it was to defend the Bydo research facility and further controlled areas of the S.L.L. from the Bydo commander's skirmish. Where it is accompanied by a Jotunheim dreadnought, Angrboda carrier, Managarm cruiser, Hresvelgr Destroyer, and several squadrons of: Concert Master, Charon, Dominion, V.3 Eclipse, Sleipnir, Wise Man, and standard POW armors.


UFBS-AE2 Muspellheim -Dreadnought-

Enhanced Jotunheim with red coating added. Its features are improved in every aspect.

HP: 330

ACE HP: 390

Fuel: 100

Radar: 7

Speed: 3

Evade: 5%


Carry x5

Bow Gun 3 Turns

Missile launch bay

Main Weapon


R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate only

Positron cannon module

Hull upgrade 2

Earth Chapter 2, mission #22 completion

1 x UFBS-AE1 Jotunheim

50 Solonium

50 Etherium

50 Bydogen


Name Ammo Max Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Hull Laser M4 30 37 3-6 75% A/B Vector Homing lasers shot from both sides of the warship. Moderate power, but high accuracy.

Description: Muspell Cannon

UFBS-AE2 Iving -Positron Cannon-

Muspellheim's bow gun. Considered the most powerful gun on the ship.

HP: 180

Fuel: 100

Charge: 3 Turn

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 2%


Charge Enabled

Armaments: Iving

Name Ammo Base Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Ion Gun V3 3 Turns 258 304 /\≥●≥⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡ 100% ATK Particle An improved positron gun that incorporates new technology for greater destructive power.


UFBS-AE2 Bifrost Cannon II -Missile Launcher-

Large missile cannons fitted on the Muspellheim. Can attack enemies or block enemy fire.

HP: 150

Fuel: 100

Charge: 3 Turn

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 2%

Armaments: Bifrost Cannon II

Name Ammo Base Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
HX-02 M. 12 65 77 3-6 75% A/B Guided S.R.B.M Modified for greater destructive power.

Description: Bridge Section

UFBS-AE2 Bridge Section -Armament-

Muspellheim's bridge and main gun. Capable of firing a powerful laser.

HP: 160

Fuel: 100

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 2%

Armaments: Bridge Section

Name Ammo Base Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
D-Gun MK3 38 60 71 Top: 3-6 50% A/C Piercing A powerful 3-stranded beam cannon set near the bridge. Moderate accuracy, but long range.


  • In Norse Mythology, Muspellheim is the realm of fire, and in the events of Ragnarok, the sons of Muspell will break the Bifrost bridge to signal the end of time.

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