UFBS-010 Heimdall

The UFBS-010 Heimdall, as it appears in R-Type Command.

Type Assault Dreadnought
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Command
Status In Use; Discontinued; Scheduled for Decommisioning
Primary User Space Corps
Successor UFBS-AE1 Jotunheim
Variants UFBS-011 Tyr

The UFBS-010 is the primary dreadnought for the Space Corps in the R-Type Series. Heavily armored and outfitted, it is very useful in areas that can accommodate its massive size and is the flagship of choice for most (if not all) large-scale skirmishes.

Similarly to the UFHC-007 Vanargand and other ships of R-Type Command, details on the Heimdall are sparse. It is a collosal vessel, measuring an estimated 1600 meters long, 500 meters tall, and 250 meters wide at its peak. This makes it the largest ship seen to date in the R-Type Series (aside from its successors). Being designed long before the events of Command, it is an inferior design in the period of the game, and was in fact intended to be decommissioned prior to the game's events, but was brought back to serve in the Bydo war.

The Heimdall is the largest ship available to the player in R-Type Command (with the exception of its upgrade the UFBS-011 Tyr.) It is equipped with a Burtgang cannon, a Hull Laser, a Gjallarhorn missile launcher and a Bridge Gun. However the Heimdall is not the strongest ship in R-Type Command; Several larger dreadnoughts are encountered during the Bydo side campaign called the Jotunheim, Muspellheim and finally the Niflheim. The Kombiler is also slightly stronger than the Heimdall.

P senkan
21463 normal

Hull Laser M1 and the Gjallarhorn Cannon in action

Heimdall by Fel1230

Description: Heimdall

UFBS-010 -Dreadnought-

Former chief dreadnought, scheduled for decommissioning. Was brought back to serve against the Bydo.

HP: 260

Ace HP: 307

Fuel: 100

Radar: 7

Speed: 2

Evade: 5%


Carry x5

Bow Gun 3 Turns


Main Weapon


Jurisdictive Dossier (RTT1 Only)

Positron Gun Module

650 Solonium

Armaments: Heimdall

Name Ammo Max Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Hull Laser M1 20 30 3-6 70% A/B Vector Homing lasers shot from both sides of the dreadnought. Moderate power, but high accuracy.

Description: Burtgang Cannon

UFBS-010 Burtgang Cannon -Positron Cannon-

Positron gun fitted on Heimdall's bow. The Space Corps' longest-ranged weapon, with long charge times.

HP: 160

Fuel: 100

Charge: 3 Turn

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 2%


Charge Enabled

Armaments: Burtgang Cannon

Name Ammo Base Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Positron Gun 3 Turns 183 217 /|::⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡⬡ 99% ATK Particle A powerful positron cannon with incredible range, but a very long charge time.

Description: Gjallarhorn Cannon

UFBS-010 Gjallarhorn Cannon -Missile Launcher-

Powerful missile cannon on the Heimdall, with 12 tubes. Used for both precision offense and defense.

  • HP: 130

Fuel: 100

Charge: 3 Turn

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 2%

Armaments: Gjallarhorn Cannon

Name Ammo Base Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
S.R.B.M. 8 50 59 3-6 75% A/B Guided Short Range Ballistic Missiles with high accuracy and power, shot from 12 launchers.

Description: Bridge Section

UFBS-010 Bridge Section -Armament-

Heimdall's bridge and main gun. Capable of firing a powerful laser.

HP: 160

Fuel: 100

Radar: 7

Speed: 0

Evade: 2%

Armaments: Bridge Section

Name Ammo Base Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
D-Gun 30 50 59 Top: 3-6 50% A/C Piercing A powerful 3-stranded beam cannon set near the bridge. Moderate accuracy, but long range.

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Heimdall was a powerful god in Norse mythology. As the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, he has superior senses and also possessed the Gjallarhorn, with which Heimdall will pronounce the beginning of Ragnarok.

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