Description: Tw-T02 Eclipse Mass Production Type -Variable Fighter-

Enhanced orbital fighter by Granzella. Has a variable navigation system. No Force unit can be mounted.

Base HP: 5 units, 110 HP in total

Fuel: 56

Radar: 2

Charge: 4 Turns

Speed: 3 at normal speed, 6 when using booster.

Evade: 35% at normal speed, 7% when using booster.


Booster engine - will consume twice as much fuel for an higher speed. Can switched on or off once per turn.

Charge enabled


Will of the Granzera Revolutionary Army Commander.

Variable Acceleration System

Upgrade 1

1 x TX-T02 Eclipse Mass Production Type

40 x Solonium

40 x Etherium


Name Ammo Base Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan Mk 2 99 15 18 1-1 50% Attack/Block Machine Gun  Slightly more powerful than the original Vulcan gun.
Tracer Missile II 7 31 37 2-3 75% Attack/Block Missile  Enhanced missiles installed with higher-powered homing devices for greater accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
XPS Laser III 7 38 45 2-3 55% Attack/ Counter Attack Optical  Laser weapon emitted from an enhanced Eclipse. Longer range and more power than its predecessor.
Shock Wave Cannon III 4 Turns 125 148   100% Attack Particle  Enhanced Wave Cannon powered by the Desynch Drive. Instantly creates implosive energy fields within enemies.

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