Not to be confused with Hull Laser

ULUS10343 00010

The UFHC-007 Vanargand firing a Trace Laser volley.

Trace Laser is the term used to describe small laser fire from large scale cruisers in the R-Type Series. A Trace Laser is also an attack specific to the UFHC-007 Vanargand. Regardless of pilot level, the Trace Laser does 25 damage, has a range of 2-4 hexes, and has an accuracy of 70%. However, unlike other lasers it can block most incoming fire, while still being able to attack in the player's turn and can curve around obstacles as needed for more accuracy.


The UFHC-008 Garum cruiser posesses a similar attack to Trace Laser, Trace Laser II, which is fired from the ship's main hull, in a similar fashon to the Vanargand's. It does slightly more damage than Trace Laser I, but is the same otherwise. The amount of damage dealt by Trace Laser II is 28.
The B-Bld Boldo cruiser also posesses a similar attack, the Boldo Laser. It is more powerful and accurate than both other lasers and can block attacks, but cannot curve around obstacles.