Many of the R-craft were merely test models and prototypes, but none were more unusual than the Kiwi Berry. This was the Space Corps' one attempt at making a ground-based attack vehicle with the capabilities of an R-craft. The Kiwi Berry was built mostly from the Duckbill's body, but with treads and a large tank gun. The Kiwi Berry could fly and operated with the same modular technology as any other R-craft, with a surprisingly high number of options available.


TW-2 Kiwi Berry Wallpaper
Pilots must log 30 minutes of general flight time after acquiring the TW-1 Duckbill.


[Tank Ordinance Type]

The one and only vehicle with a tank gun. It was developed to test other methods of increasing firepower. However, driving on the ground is not very useful in the Bydo war, and development of a land warfare R-vehicle was abandoned.



Bit Device







Wave Cannon


E-TK02 Kiwi Berry -Army Tank-

Based on a unit developed by the Coalition. A Granzella land battle weapon with strong firepower.


Units: 5

Fuel: 65

Charge: 4 Turns

Radar: 3

Speed: 2

Evade: 15%


Warbase Data

Cannon Test Data

60 Solonium

30 Etherium


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Anti-Air Cannon 99 22 26 Top 1-1 65% A/B Machine Gun Armor piercing bullets with low attack range and power. For interception.
S.A.M. 40 31 37 2-3 75% A/B Guided Surface-to-Air Missiles of land battle weapons. High hit rate.
Anti-Ballistic Missile 3 70 83 4-5 85% A/B Guided Accurate long-range missiles with high power. However, they cannot be used on nearby enemies.
Large Cannon 4 Turns 140 166 --- 75% ATK Physical Ultra-ranged high powered cannon. Cannot be mounted on aircrafts due to its recoil. Only fit for land weapons.

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