TW-1 Duckbill
TW-1 Duckbill
Type Fighter
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessor TX-T Eclipse
Successor TW-2 Kiwi Berry
Variants TP-1 Scope Duck
The Duckbill was the first mobile container used for Space Corps forces. It was small, unwieldy, and not very well protected (and thankfully unmanned). It was developed for non-combat situations, and its Wave Cannon was more of a flare gun than an actual weapon. However, the Space Corps soon found that it needed at least a modicum of protection, and it was outfitted with bomb bays, a minimum-strength Bit Conductor, and a Force device. Its name, Duckbill, is in reference to its bill-shaped canopy.


Pilots must log 15 minutes of general flight time after acquiring the TX-T Eclipse.


[Self-propelled Container]

Part of the R-9 fuselage was converted into a cargo container. Two Manipulators were installed for ease-of-use indoors.



Bit Device



Wave Cannon

See Also

Related Development

Other ships with manipulator arms include:

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