TP-1 Scope Duck
TP-1 Scope Duck

The TP-1 Scope Duck, as it appears in R-Type Final

Type Recon
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors TW-1 Duckbill
Successor TP-2 POW Armor
Variants None
The predecessor to the legendary and ubiquitous POW Armor, the Scope Duck is a recon vessel not entirely unlike those found in the R-9E series. It lacks the forward-facing canopy seen in later models.

Seeing a need for smaller, unmanned scout ships, the Space Corps gave the automated TW-1 Duckbill the sensor suite of the R-9E series and modified the main body; despite these changes, it maintains the offensive level of the Duckbill. This model would go on to become the POW Armor.


[Reinforced Biped Reconnaissance Unit]

Based on the TW-1 Self-propelled Container. Data analysis and scouting abilities have been added. Armament is nearly identical to the TW-1. Data acquisition capabilities are at about the same level as the R-9E series.


Logging 15 minutes of flight time with the TW-1 Duckbill will unlock this craft.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

Cannon: Vulcan Cannon Mk. I


The name may be a reference to the Scopedog from Armored Trooper Votoms

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