TL2AT Patrocross Avian
Petacross avian

The TL2AT Patrocross Avian in fighter mode.

TL2AT Patrocross Avian Bipedal Mode

The TL2AT Patrocross Avian in bipedal mode.

Type Bipedal Variable
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Command
Status In Use
Primary User Space Corps
Predescessor TL-2A Achilleus

The Patrocross Avian is a variant of the TL-2A Achilles that grants the Achilles a secondary configuration, that of a standard R-craft. The Avian has much different abilities in fighter mode as compared to humanoid mode. This upgrade can be retrofitted onto existing Achilles.

Note that the Wave Cannon is only available to charge and fire in fighter mode.


Transformable bipedal module's fighter mode. Moves twice as fast, and carries a Wave Cannon. (Fighter Form)

Bipedal unit that can transform. Same weapons as TL-2A Achilles, with Occupy function. Has a Wave Cannon in avian form. (Bipedal Form)


Units: 5

Fuel: 45

Charge: 3 Turn

Radar: 2

Speed: 5

Evade: 35%

Bipedal difference:

Speed: 2

Evade: 20%


Fighter Form:

Charge Enabled


Bipedal Form:




R-Type Command/Tactics

Bipedal Module Data

Bipedal Engineering

1 x TL-2A Achilles

30 Etherium

10 Bydogen

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate

Bipedal Module Data

Bipedal Engineering

1 x TL-2A Achilles

50 Etherium


Name Ammo Base Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan 99 10 12 1-1 45% A/B Machinegun A short-range, rapid-fire cannon. Has low firepower, but can be used to intercept enemy attacks.
Tracer Missile 7 25 30 2-3 70% A/B Guided Missiles installed with high-powered homing devices for greater accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
Contact Missile 5 35 42 2-2 35% A/C Guided Missiles which explode on contact for additional damage. Has moderate accuracy, and can't intercept attacks.
Wave Cannon 3 Turn 105 124 ►⬡⬡⬡⬡ 99% ATK Particle Designed to give standard fighters warship-class firepower. Multiple turns are needed to charge the weapon.
Bipedal mode
Vulcan 99 10 12 1-1 45% A/B MachineGun Aforementioned note above.
Beam Sword R 30 55 65 1-1 85% A/C Melee A red beam sword used to quickly get into melee range and destroy the enemy.
Beam Sword B 20 48 57 1-1 80% A/B Melee A blue beam sword that serves as a short-range weapon by firing lasers from its edge.


Patroclus was the beloved shieldbearer of Achilles, who died in the Trojan War while wearing the great warrior's armor.

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