TL2AT2 Patrocross II -Bipedal Variable-

Transformable unit. In flight form it is 2.5x faster, while in bipedal form it has the same weapons as the achilles unit, and occupy can be used. (Avian Form)

Bipedal unit that can transform. Same weapons as TL-2A Achilles, with Occupy function. Has a Wave Cannon in avian mode. (Bipedal Form)


Units: 5

Fuel: 50

Charge: 3 Turns (Avian Form Only)

Radar: 2

Speed: 5 (2 in Bipedal Form)

Evade: 38% (20% in Bipedal Form


Avian Form:

Charge Enabled


Bipedal Form:




Unit available only through the DLC, can be downloaded from last option on the menu provided you have LAN connection.


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit11 Use Type Note
Vulcan MK2 99 15 18 1-1 50% A/B Machine Gun Slightly more powerful than the original Vulcan gun.
Tracer Missile II 7 31 37 2-3 75% A/B Guided Enhanced missiles installed with higher-powered homing devices for greater accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
Depth Charge 3 60 71 Down 2-2 35% ATK Missile Depth charge of exploding gunpowder that is aimed downwardly. More damaging than other missiles. [Shoots downward only]
Wave MK2 3 Turns 117 139 --- 100% ATK Particle A modified Wave Cannon that offers more destructive power.
Bipedal Mode
Vulcan MK2 99 15 36 1-1 50% A/B Machine Gun Slightly more powerful than the original Vulcan gun.
Beam Sword R 30 55 65 1-1 85% A/B Melee A red beam sword used to quickly slash the enemy.
Beam Sword B 20 48 57 1-1 80% A/B Melee A blue beam sword that fires short-range lasers from its edge.
Ram 99 60 71 1-1 50% ATK Ram The unit will ram into the enemy, pushing them back at the risk of leaving itself open to attacks.

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