TL-T Chiron
TL-T Chiron
Type Test Model
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessor TX-T Eclipse
Successor TL-1A Iason
Variants TL-1B Asklepios, TL-2A Achilleus, TL-2B Herakles

The Chiron was the first in a long line of bipedal attack craft meant to increase battlefield versatility. Though a lot of data was produced and gathered with this model, it never actually flew into battle. To reduce initial build costs, the R-9K Sunday Strike's chassis was used, but costs quickly soared as other, new technologies were also tested. To aid battlefield insertion, efforts were made to allow these craft to transform between "standard" R-9 attack craft and bipedal robots. The other new technology was the Hybrid Wave Cannon System, which allowed the pilot a choice of wave cannon firepower, depending on whether a Force was attached or not.


[Experimental Humanoid Model]

A versatile test machine designed to broaden the scope of deployment. The cheap, mass- produced R-9K frame was used. With the Hybrid Wave Can. System, the pilot can switch between 2 guns. The TL-T was expected to be pivotal in a wide range of conditions. But few were made because of high costs.


Pilots must log 30 minutes of general flight time after receiving the R-9K Sunday Strike and TP-1 Scope Duck.



Bit Device




Wave Cannon


Chiron was the sage-like centaur that tutored many of Greece's finest mythological heroes, including Jason, Asclepius, Achilles, and, of course, Heracles.

The humanoid form of this ship resembles a Cancer.

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