Strabalt is a garbage collector that will stop and unload it's rain of cargo at any invaders. It can spew a large amount of garbage in a wave-like pattern, making a forward approach very hazardous. Since being taken over by the Bydo, it's programming and internal components have changed, and now Strabalt collects matter of any kind and converts into Bydo matter. Pilots are encouraged to either destroy it before it can deploy it's cargo, or attack at an angle.

A military variant, called the Strabalt Bomber, is instead armed with bombs. It deploys these large explosives just like it does garbage, in a wave-like pattern that prohibits forward attack.


R-Type Final

Intelligent space garbage collector for space cities. It can hold up to 20 tons of garbage. In space it ensnares floating garbage by creating a gravity field. The Strabalt collects all kinds of matter - not just garbage - and spews out newly "Bydofied" entities.

Strabalt Bomber

  • Class: Bydo
  • Designation: Bomber
  • HP Level: 2
  • Location: Dimension 26

Big brother of the Strabalt cleaning mech. Garbage duties are over. It now drops up to 88 bombs.

R-Type Command

Strabalt, called Strobalt here, also comes in two variants.


B-Stbt Strobalt

Waste carrier that spew Bydo contaminants. Fairly weak, but has powerful sensors for a small unit.

  • Units: 5
  • Fuel: 50
  • Radar: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Evade: 15%


  • Mark of Resurrection
  • System Wreckage
  • 70 Bydogen


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Waste 24 25 2-2 35% A/C Guided Releases contaminated Bydo material into the air, which induces molecular degeneration.

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