The Standard Force DX is all-around improvement upon the Standard Force. It's a common Force found on high-performance fighter craft. All of it's attacks simply enhanced versions of the Standard Force.

It allows the pilot to use the following beams with the appropriate Laser Crystal:

  • Red: Anti-air Laser DX: Fires a pair of red and blue beams.
    • Level 3: Fires an intertwining pair of damaging beams, not too unlike a double-helix.
  • Blue: Reflection Laser DX: Fires three piercing blue lasers that reflect off of surfaces.
    • Level 3: The beam is stronger.
  • Yellow: Anti-ground Laser DX: Fires two beams, one up and one down, that flows along surfaces. Unlike the Standard Force, which fires vertically, this version fires at a backwards angle.
    • Level 3: The beam is larger and stronger.

When detached:

  • Level 1: The Force will fire two bullet lasers, each at about a 20 degree angle.
  • Level 2: In addition to the above, a pair of vertical bullets now shoot above and below.
  • Level 3:Two more bullets are added, at 45 degree angles.


R-Type Final

Energy efficiency of the Standard Force was totally redesigned, and a 27% increase in laser output was achieved.

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