P mura
Slither is a long, jointed Bydo, resembling a tapeworm. Its segmented body breaks apart when the head is destroyed, the parts flinging outward in an attempt to hit whatever dealt the final blow.


A multi-jointed crustacean. When its head is destroyed its body breaks into small pieces. In the Sega Master system version, it is known as a Mura. Just one charged blast to the head is all that it takes to destroy this critter.

Appears in Stage 5.

B-Mur Moora
Slither gif
Type -Resilient Entity-
First Appearance R-Type
Status In Use
Primary User Bydo
Predecessor None
Successor None
Variants B-Mur2 Moora Berserk Species (See below)

It's known as the Moora here.

B-Mur Moora

Chaotic segmented life-form that rams enemies with large horns.

HP: 140

ACE HP: 166

Fuel: 99

Radar: 3

Speed: 1

Evade: 35%


Bio Weaponry

Arthropod Bonds

1 x B-Zd Zoydo

0 x Solonium

40 x Etherium

50 x Bydogen




Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Tackle 99 75 1-1 70% ATK Ram Ram attack from larger Bydo organisms. Considered one of the more powerful ram attacks.

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