The Shock Wave Cannon is a deceptive weapon that causes its target to explode from the inside-out. The beam of this weapon is more or less invisible and doesn't cause damage, but once it hits a Bydo, the subsequent explosion will cause major damage.

Shock Wave Cannon

Accumulative loops increase both power and size of the blast radius, which can affect other targets inside the radius.

R-Type Delta

Generates energy within the enemy causing fatal damage.

The Rx experimental fighter craft was built with this weapon.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. This weapon triggers massive and sudden energy release within an enemy target. Nearby targets are also damaged in the resulting explosion. This Wave Cannon exploits the same technology found in the trans-dimensional navigational targeting systems used for warp jumps.

Possessed by the R-9F Andromalius, RX-10 Albatross, TL-T Chiron, and TL-2A Achilleus. Also part of Hybrid Wave Cannon Systems 1, 2, and 4.

R-Type Command

A Wave Cannon powered by the Desynch Drive. Instantly creates implosive energy fields within enemies.

Called the "Impact Wave", this beam fires three hexes forward, then affects the three hexes in front of that. Equipped on the RXwf-10 Albatross.

Shock Wave Cannon II

With this upgrade, a set of four blasts follow up after the initial explosion.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Based on the Shock Wave Cannon. The charge volume was increased and an explosive chain ability was added.

This is equipped on the versatile TX-T Eclipse. It's part of Hybrid Wave Cannon System 5.

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