Shell, alternately called Turret Ring or Gauntlet, is a recurring enemy in the R-Type Series. This Bydo typically interrupts a pilot's flight path so that the pilot must fly through the ring, where all the turrets have line-of-sight for shooting Bydo Shots. While each turret can be destroyed quickly, destroying the blue core wipes them all out from the inside out (gunpods at the ends may still get shots off as the explosion travels around the ring). However, the ring itself will remain.



Bydo defense unit, if the control system is destroyed, the entire unit will explode.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

The Gun Dutchman, as it's called here, is one of the forms of the Phantom Cell encounter.

R-Type Delta

Shell appears as a boss in Stage 5 in this mission. It looks like it has fallen into disrepair, as some or most of the turrets are decayed and rusted. As is typical, destroying the blue core will destroy the rest of the ring.

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate

This unit appears in the twelfth mission of the Coalition and Granzera campaigns.

Description: Gondoran Core

G-Gdr Gondoran Core -Guard System-

Base defense system gone haywire due to the Bydo. Indiscriminately attacks approaching objects. Destroy its core to stop it.

HP: 190

ACE HP: 225

Fuel: 99

Radar: 3

Speed: 1+

Evade: 15%


This unit can only be obtained through hacking.

Description: Gondoran Turret

G-Gdr Gondoran Turret -Guard System-

Turret of a base defense system corrupted by the Bydo.

HP: 140

ACE HP: 166

Fuel: 99

Radar: 3

Speed: 1+

Evade: 15%

Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Shot M 7 25 2-3 70% Attack/Block Guided Energy bullets from Bydo life. Wide attack range.

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