Discharge of this Wave Cannon results in the emission of a jelly-like substance from the craft. This jelly oozes forward in a tube-like fashion, off of the canopy, then collapses into a sphere and flies forward. The weapon is hard to aim because of it's launch pattern, and pilots will have to get to close the target or plan ahead in order to hit fast enemies. The gel is a Bydo bio-organic material known as J-zyme.

SEXY Wave Cannon

A higher charge level results in a longer discharge before the encapsulation of the J-zyme.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Damage enemies using J-zyme. Opposition to using J-zyme for the frame and weapons did not deter developers from developing the weapon.

The oddly named B-3C Sexy Dynamite, itself an experiment in budding J-zyme research, was also the test bed for this weapon.

SEXY Wave Cannon II

The additional of a third charge loop results in J-zyme reaching farther ahead of the ship before collapsing into a sphere and taking off.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Developed to increase the J-zyme volume and increase weapon power. Although research has ended, many aspects of J-zyme remain unknown.

Equipped on the B-3C2 Sexy Dynamite II.

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