Gunwall Thrid Lighting

As seen on the Third Lighting

Rios awaits at the end of the Resource Acquisition Area in R-Type II. This large security drone/mining rig has only one attack, a five-way laser burst that launches out of the middle of it's body. Other than the primary cannon, Rios attempts to destroy any foes who give chase by altering the walls that it contacts, making a hazardous flight zone. Any who would pursue Rios must launch into a high-speed chase amidst tight quarters, all while dodging energy weapons and other Bydo. Despite Rios' size, and considering how difficult it is to line up a direct shot due to the constant laser fire and wall-evasion, this machine can be quickly destroyed by a quick, fierce attack.


R-Type II

A high-speed tank stored in the resource mining area. Destroys the surfaces of walls.

Super R-Type

Literally, it appears in the same stage.

R-Type III: The Third Lightning

It's one of the forms of the Phantom Cell in the boss rush.


  • Rios is the spanish word for "Rivers". In R-Type II, pilots must navigate through thick channels, like rivers, to destroy it.

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