This "weapon" was designed for data collection and has a damaging blast almost as an afterthought (however, the data collection aspect has no impact on the Bydo Lab's completion). In terms of damage, the weapon is weaker than most Wave Cannons, and arguably lesser than some Force weapons. However, this weapon has one major advantage: it doesn't shoot a projectile. The Wave Cannon's blast emits directly from the rotating scan image and thus can easily bypass enemy defenses.

Recon Wave Cannon

A reticle appears when the Wave Cannon is charged, increasing slightly in size with the second charge level that displays where the scanning point is. Any Bydo in this reticle will take damage when the weapon is discharged.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Main function is data collection. The longer the enemy remains in the target scope, the greater the amount of data collected.

This prototype was used by the ubiquitous R-9E Midnight Eye.

Recon Wave Cannon EX

This Wave Cannon is functionally similar to the above version, except with a different and larger reticle. The weapon's power has also been increased, but the blast wave still doesn't affect nearby enemies. Though the second charge increases the size of the reticle, the third level only increases the damage upon release.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Scouting ability has been increased. No major changes except to the charge capacity and the scope shape.

This welcome upgrade to the original Recon Wave Cannon was equipped on both the R-9E2 Owl Light and R-9E3 Sweet Luna.

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