As Irem has announced its intentions to no longer produce games, there is little chance of R-Type Tactics 2: Operation Bitter Chocolate being translated officially. As a result, fans have taken it upon themselves to attempt a translation. This page exists to allow them to pursue that effort.

The translation attempt was originally made by a single individual, and only got part-way through the new-character creation screen before ceasing for a year. A different individual is now attempting to continue the translation using this page. As this user is merely doing this with hobbyist interest, the accuracy of the translation cannot be guaranteed, any updates will occur entirely sporadically, and their efforts may cease entirely, without warning or notice.

As this is a community page, all others remain welcome to provide feedback and add to the translation themselves, or even pick up the effort entirely if the current translator stops.

There is another translation effort at . A beta patch has been released by this group on 6/7/17. The final version of the patch was released on 7/22/17.

Translation Data

Opening Cinematic

Original text direct translation liberal translation
かつて地球は滅亡の危機に瀕していた once,earth was on the verge of downfall In the recent past, Earth was on the brink of ruin...
宇宙の彼方から現れた未知の生命体のよって... by the unknown life-form beyond the space... ...brought down by unknowable creatures from outside the universe.
生き延びるために人類は悪魔の兵器を手に入れた To survive, Human obtained a [Demon's weapon] (note: liberal translation is very liberal; could take some information away) To survive, humanity used these demons' own bodies, and made a weapon.
人々は悪魔の兵器を駆使して滅亡の危機から脱した...はずだった people used demon's weapon, escaped from the brink of ruin...supposed to be. The demon's weapon would be used to save people from this threat. At least... that's what it was supposed to do...
そして...悪魔を討つための兵器を使い人類同士の戦いが始まった and then, using weapon for shoot down deamon, human fighting each other. Now, that weapon meant for fighting demons... is being used in wars between humans.
戦いは今この瞬間も続いている The battle is continuing at this very moment. The battle is continuing at this very moment.
少女は星空を見上げ、尋ねる the little girl looking up at the starry sky, asking. Somewhere, a little girl looks apon a starry sky, and asks:
誰がこの戦いを終わらせてくれるの? who will end this battle? "Who can bring an end to this fighting?"
星たちは、何も答えてはくれなかった... starts,didn't give her any answer ...But the stars could not give anything in answer...

New Game Selected

RTT2 translation screen1

Original text Location Translation
のセ一ブデ一夕 を読み込みますか? "NEW GAME" screen after title, main text Do you want to load R-type Tactics save data? (Used to transfer data from the first game to second)
はい "NEW GAME" screen after title. Left selection. Yes (Will need to load Tactics 1 data to translate the result of this option)
いいえ "NEW GAME" screen after title. Right selection. No

Player Profile Selection

RTT2 translation screen2

Original text Location Translation
性別 "PLAYER EDIT" First selection Sex
司令官の 「性別」 を選択してください。 "PLAYER EDIT" First selection, description Please select the commander's sex.
男性 "PLAYER EDIT" First selection, option one Man
女性 "PLAYER EDIT" First selection, option two Woman
シルエット "PLAYER EDIT" second selection Silhouette
司令官の 「シルエット」 を選択てください。 "PLAYER EDIT" second selection, description Please select a silhouette for the commander.
Aタイプ "PLAYER EDIT" second selection, option one A Type
Bタイプ "PLAYER EDIT" second selection, option two B Type
Cタイプ "PLAYER EDIT" second selection, option three C Type
Dタイプ "PLAYER EDIT" second selection, option four D Type
Eタイプ "PLAYER EDIT" second selection, option five E Type
Fタイプ "PLAYER EDIT" second selection, option six F Type
出身地 "PLAYER EDIT" third selection Birthplace
司令官の「出身地」を設定します. Oボタンを押して地名を選択してください。 "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, description Set the commander's birthplace here. Please press the O-Button to select a place from the list.
"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, options New sub window opens.
好きな色 "PLAYER EDIT" forth selection Favourite Colour
司令官の「好きな色」を設定します. Oボタンを押して色を選択してください。 "PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, description Set the commander's favourite colour here. Please press the O-Button to select a colour from the list.
"PLAYER EDIT" fourth selection, options New Sub-window opens.
好きな食べ物 "PLAYER EDIT" fifth selection Favourite Food
司令官の「好きな食べ物」を設定します. Oボタンを押してテキストを入力してください。 "PLAYER EDIT" fifth selection, description Set the commander's favourite food here. Please press the O-button and then write in the name of their favourite food.
"PLAYER EDIT" fifth selection, options New Sub-window opens.
決定する "PLAYER EDIT" sixth selection Confirm Selection
PLAYER EDIT を終了します。 "PLAYER EDIT" sixth selection, description Finish creating your character.
上記の内容でよろしいですか? "PLAYER EDIT" sixth selection, chosen Are you certain that you want the above settings?
はい "PLAYER EDIT" sixth selection, chosen option 1 Yes
いいえ "PLAYER EDIT" sixth selection, chosen option 2 No

Location Selection

RTT2 translation screen3

Original text Location Translation
出身地を選んでください "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, sub-screen header Please choose a birthplace.
北半球の都市ノートニー "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 1 Notoni, a city in the Northern Hemisphere


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 1, description A commercial city that had grown prosperous through past trading. It is located in the south-western part of a continent in the northern hemisphere of the planet. The city has developed along the tip of a peninsula.
南半球の都市イシュガルド "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 2 Ishgard, a city in the southern hemisphere


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 2, description A city located in the north-eastern part of a continent in Earth's southern hemisphere. Historical and cutting edge buildings reside side-by-side on the same streets.
大洋上の都市ケ二一ロケン "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 3 Keniroken, a city on the ocean's surface


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 3, description An island city located near the centre of Earth's largest ocean.

Lately, a demand for resorts has caused it to be reborn as a tourist destination.

月面都市セレーネ "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 4 Lunar City Selene (Note: this is either named for the moon-researching probe of the same name that Japan launched, or the Greek goddess of the moon - which Japan probably named their probe after. Add it to trivia when this place gets its own article.)


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 4, description A metropolis on the Earth-facing side of the moon.

One of the most prosperous cities in the solar system.

月面基地ルナベース6 "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 5 Lunar Base 6


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 5, description An Earth Allied Armed Forces military base constructed on the Moon's surface, and encompassing the surrounding regions.

Located on the side of the Moon that always faces away from Earth.

火星軍事基地チューリン "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 6 Mars Military Base Chyurin


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 6, description An Earth Allied Armed Forces military base constructed on Mars' surface, and encompassing the surrounding regions.

It has been made using a natural valley.

火星都市グラン・ゼラ "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 7 Mars City Gran Zera
火星上の都市。かつては中心の商業地区と周辺の工業地区で構成され賑わっていたが、 現在は地球連合軍によって戒厳令が敷かれている。 "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 7, description A city on Mars. The core commercial district and surrounding industrial zones used to be filled with crowds of people, but that changed when the Earth Allied Armed Forces put the city under martial law.
木星衛星基地 ユートピネル "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 8 Jupiter satellite base Yutopineru


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 8, description A spaceport for storing and trading resources, orbiting Jupiter.

This base performs more more hydrogen trades than anywhere else in the solar system.

木星衛星都市 ゼ・ウースル "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 9 Jupiter Satelite City, The Oousuru (spelling is debatable, want to hear it pronounced in game)


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 9, description A trade city in orbiting Jupiter.

The solar system's most prestigious academy, Jupiter Academy, is located here.

特異点 ジフラタリルX "PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 10 Distant point Jifuratariru X (spelling is debatable, want to hear it pronounced in game)


"PLAYER EDIT" third selection, option 10, description A place distantly separated from the solar system; or in other words, a place whose position is not known. Even if you tell people you're from here, nobody would believe it.

Favourite Colour Selection

Original text Location Translation
好きな色を選んでください "PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, submenu text Please choose a favourite colour
好きな色を設定します. "PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, submenu description Set the commander's favourite colour here.
"PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 1 Red
オレンジ "PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 2 Orange
黄色 "PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 3 Yellow
"PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 4 Green
"PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 5 Blue
"PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 6 Purple
"PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 7 White
"PLAYER EDIT" forth selection, option 8 Black

Favourite Food Selection

Original text Location Translation
名前の長さは8文字までです "PLAYER EDIT" fifth selection, sub menu The name has a maximum of 8 characters.
"PLAYER EDIT" fifth selection, sub menu options The L/R buttons will change between different languages, including English.
ドーナツ "PLAYER EDIT" fifth selection, sub menu default option Doughnuts

Faction Selection

Faction Select

Use left and right to choose between the factions.

Original Text Location Translation
陣営を選択してください Top-Middle description Please choose a side.
地球連合軍 Left title Earth Allied Armed Forces

バイドとの永きにわたる戦いにより, バイドの兵器 (フォース) 化を実現し, 圧倒的な破壊力を手に入れた。


Left, Description The military of the unified government that oversees Earth's people. During their long fight against the Bydo, they developed a Bydo-derived weapon called a Force, which proved to have overwhelming destructive power. The majority of their fighters are capable of mounting a Force.
「地球連合軍」でよろしいですか? Left, Selection Is the Earth Allied Armed Forces the side you want to play as?
はい Left, Decision 1 Yes
いいえ Left, Decision 2 No
革命軍グランゼラ Right Title Granzera Revolutionary Army
地球連合軍のバイド兵器依存に対して警鐘を鳴らす人々が作った革命政府の軍隊。 彼らのユニットにはフォースを装着することはできないが, ジャミングや鹵獲などの特殊なコマンドが充実している。 Right, Description The Earth Allied Armed Forces' dependence on Bydo-derived weaponry was met with great alarm by many people, resulting in the creation of the Revolutionary Government's Army. Their fighters cannot mount a Force, but they instead have great capacity in special fields, like jamming or capturing.
「グランゼラ革命軍」でよろしいですか? Right, Selection Is the Granzera Revolutionary Army the side you want to play as?
はい Right, Decision 1 Yes (Haven't chosen this option for the current translation)
いいえ Right, Decision 2 No

Name Selection

Original Text Location Translation
司令官の名前を入力してください。 Middle Please enter a name for the commander.
アイレムソフト Default Name Iremsoft
Options The L/R buttons will change between different languages, including English.

Main Menu

Use up and down to choose between the options. Options listed from top to bottom.

Original Text Location Translation
ミッション Main Menu Option 1 War Room
プレイを開始します Main Menu Option 1, Description Start playing the singleplayer campaign
通信プレイ Main Menu Option 2 Network Play
2人で「対戦」または「協力」プレイをします Main Menu Option 2, Description Play a two-person competitive or co-operative game
オプション設定 Main Menu Option 3 Options
BGMやプレイ環境の設定を変更します Main Menu Option 3, Description Change game settings
ライブラリ Main Menu Option 4 Archives
ゲームデータや,ムービーなどを閲覧します Main Menu Option 4, Description Browse Game data, movies, unit information and the like
ルール説明 Main Menu Option 5 Rules
ルールについて説明します Main Menu Option 5, Description View explanations of the game rules
インストール Main Menu Option 6 Install to memory
インストールデータをインストールします Main Menu Option 6, Description Install the game to the system's memory, allowing for saving and loading of data
ダウンロード Main Menu Option 7 Downloadable content
ゲームやコンテンツをダウンロードします Main Menu Option 7, Description Download game content


As this section is large, it has its own page here.

Install to Memory

Original Text Location Translation
インストール Tab Title Install

メモリ スティックTMにデータの一部を「インストールデータ」としてセーブします。 インストールデータからロードすることでロード時間を短縮することができます。

Window Contents, page 1 Installation Information 1

Install the game data onto a memory stick. Loading from the installed data will shorten load times.


「インストールデータ」をセーブするには, 880MB以上の容量が必要です。

※ゲームデータをセーブするには, 上記とは別に, 1600KB 以上の容量が必要です。

Window Contents, page 2 Installation Information 2

To save the data to memory, you must have 880MB of free space.

To save the game data, aside from the above, you will need 1600KB of free space. (Not entirely sure about this translation)




充分に充電するか, ACアダプターを使用してセーブを行うことをお勧めします。

Window Contents, page 3 Do you want to save the installation data?

Please note:

The installation will take some time.

To prevent the installation from being interrupted, it is recommended that you charge your PSP while the installation is occurring.

はい Window Contents page 3, option 1 Yes
いいえ Window Contents page 3, option 2 No
メモリ スティックTMに, 「インストールデータ」があります。


Yes No

Select option 1, condition (data already exists), popup text The Memory Stick already has data installed to it.

Do you want to overwrite this data?

Yes No

Installing to memory

Install data popup
Original Text Location Translation
インストール Tab Title Install
インストール中です Window Title Installing
※メモリ スティックTMを抜き差ししたり, 電源を切らないでください Window Text Please do not turn off the power, or connect/disconnect any Memory Sticks

Yes No

Popup when attempting to cancel Do you want to stop installing the save data?

Yes No

「インストールデータ」のセーブを中止しました。 Cancel installation The data installation has been cancelled.

オプション「インストール」の設定を「ON」にして, セーブしますか?

Complete installation Installation complete

As the data is now installed, would you like to save? (Not entirely sure about this translation)

はい Complete installation, option 1 Yes
いいえ Complete installation, option 2 No

Downloadable Content

Original Text Location Translation
ネットワーク接続 Tab Title Network Connection
ネットワークに接続しますか? Window Contents Are you sure you want to connect to the network?
はい Option 1 Yes (Haven't checked this option)
いいえ Option 2 No