R-Type III

R-Type III: The Third Lightning was released in 1993 to the Super NES console exclusively. It was later ported to the Game Boy Advance and the Wii's Virtual Console. It's usually considered one of the best of the series.



The dark forces of the BYDO Empire threaten humanity yet again, with more powerful weapons than ever. Over the past few years, they have crept close to Earth, building hidden bases for their fleets. The Earth Science Center had believed that all of the BYDO Empire was destroyed. Now they know that somewhere a BYDO mother ship carries the remnants of that foul civilization. Earth will be overthrown unless the latest R-series vessel, the R-90, can defeat BYDO's armies. Equipped with the mighty Round, Shadow, or Cyclone Forces of power, the R-90 can warp into different dimensions and meet the enemy ships and ground troops on an equal basis. As the Captain of the R-90, you must seek out the mysterious mother ship and destroy it to save humanity.

- SNES Manual

After the events of R-Type III, nearly four centuries pass until the next known mission, R-Type Final.


The pilot is supported by TP-2 POW Armor.

  • The R-90 Ragnarok has more than enough power for this mission. So powerful, in fact, that it's future version in R-Type Final was reduced in power. Some of its abilities were split amongst other ships.


  1. Standard Force
    R-Type 3 Forces
    (This is called the Round Force in the game).
  2. Shadow Force
  3. Cyclone Force

Stages and Bosses

Stages Bosses
Catapult Dimension Guard Ray
Acid Creatures Necrosaur
Heavy Metal Corridor Course Crab
Fire Cask Factory Recojunator, Creature 666
Bionics Laboratory Phantom Cell
Galaxy of Abyss Mother Bydo



A notable difference between the Western and Japanese versions is the stage boss at the end of Acid Creatures, in the Japanese version the pilot is attacked at this point by large sperm-like swimming creatures, whereas the other version replaces these with swimming eyeballs that still retain their sperm-like shape.