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R-Types 1 and 2 in the R-Type Series have frequently been ported to different systems in compilation sets. Aside from presentational tweaks (graphics and music), they are functionally the same as the original game. Compilations include:


Released for the PlayStation and PlayStation Network, is a compilation of R-Type and R-Type II. This version includes the R's Library, which would be expanded upon in R-Type Final. The R's Library includes target data from both games and development history leading up to the R-9A Arrowhead and through the events of R-Type II. This version also included a new CG video depicting a destroyed R-craft, piloted by a now-dead "Allen", as well as a representation of Dobkeratops. The difficulty of each game can be changed and pilots can warp to any stage they've already beaten. The games themselves are identical to their Arcade originals.

R-Type Complete CD


Released on PC Engine as a Japanese exclusive, this version was the first ever R-Type in the franchise to have a story with characters, way before R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate. The game play is the same in regards to the original first game, with the exception of remixed music and an exclusive boss right after the sixth stage's Dop Rush. The boss is similar in terms of Image Fight's Real area 1 and 2 boss.

R-Type DX

R-Type DX
Released on the Game Boy Color, this version sports a play mode that combines both R-Type titles into one long mission.

R-Type Dimensions

R-Type Dimensions
Released for the Xbox Live Arcade, this version allows the player to switch between the classic visuals, and modernized (if still retro) graphics complete with lighting effects. As is typical for XBox games, there are a number of achievements to earn. Pilots can start from any stage they've already beaten. Another interesting change is purely cosmetic; in 3D mode, the R-9's Vulcan Cannons are twin-shot out of the gunpods on either side of the craft. In all other presentations, the single cannon has always fired from the nose. This doesn't affect the rate of fire.

Infinity Mode

Infinity Mode provides pilots with infinite lives with instant respawning, but the final score is hampered by the amount of lives lost at mission's end. Infinity mode also causes the Bydo (Core) at the end of each game to glitch after several minutes into the fight; the Wins in R-Type will latch onto a pilot's ship upon respawning and stay there until the ship is destroyed, a cycle that repeats until the Core is finally killed during the brief few seconds of invulnerability. In R-Type II, the Core's rather durable Homing Missiles will behave like the previous Wins, with the same outcome involved.

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