R-Type is the first game in the series. The series received it's name from the titular R-Series ships; in this case, the R-9A Arrowhead. The "R-Type" refers to Round-Canopy, a trait held by nearly every R-craft ever built. It was ported to nearly every system in production at the time, each with subtle changes to the game and translation; a particularly egregious example would be the first Game Boy version, which changed a large variety of names. R-Type has also been released in a variety of compilations. R-Type II was released a year later.


R-Type 1989

R-Type 1989

This the story of the first encounter with the Bydo, taking place in the year 2163. The player controls the R-9A Arrowhead to free humanity from the Bydo threat. It takes place in the same year as R-Type Leo.

Other versions of the story state that First Contact started after the World Government had sent a probe to Galaxy X1X. Having found the Bydo building their forces, the government prepared the R-9A in advance.


The player is supported by POW Armor, which releases power-ups upon destruction.


Stages and Bosses

Stages Bosses
Encounter Dobkeratops
Creature Cave Cyst
Gigantic Warship Warship
Frontline Base Compiler
The Den Bellmite
Transport System No Boss*
City in Ruins Bronco
The Bydo Empire's Star Bydo (Core)

Note: * the PC-Engine version features a boss from Image Fight.


The following are encountered in R-Type: