R-Type Final

The Wise Man was a dedicated effort to improve the Standard Wave Cannon XX and implement it on a ship-wide scale. It uses an integration system akin to the R-13A Cerberus, only it's far more draining on the pilots. Aside from Wave Cannon research, nothing has changed from its predecessor. As a whole, the R-9W series were mainly prototypes for different Wave Cannon models. Omitting the Wave Cannon, and with the addition of the R-9WZ Disaster Report's Shield Bit conductor, all of the R-9W series ships have the same offensive loadout.


[Magnetic Wave Cannon Test]

The R-9W series was specially created to test the viability of the Magnetic Wave Cannon. Demands a lot mentally from its pilots. The test tube-like canopy is made to snap in and out easily. When changing pilots, the whole canopy section must often be removed as well. Due to extreme exhaustion, the pilots cannot get out of the fighter on their own and must be pulled out.


Logging 15 minutes of general flight time after obtaining the R-9Sk Principalities will unlock this craft.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate



Rwf-9W Wise Man -Interceptor-

Equipped with guidable wave cannon. Fighter that surpasses Rwf-9A series in every field. [Attachment: Standard Force H]

Units: 5

Fuel: 44

Charge: 3 Turns

Radar: 2

Speed: 3

Evade: 40%


Force Enabled

Charge Enabled


1x Rwf-9AX Delicatessen

Discretionary Power Up

Dobkera Buster

Cockpit Upgrade

30 Solonium

30 Etherium

Name Ammo Power Ace Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan MK2 99 15 16 1-1 50% A/B Machine Gun Slightly more powerful than the original Vulcan gun.
Tracer Missile 7 25 27 2-3 70% A/B Guided Missiles with high-powered homing devices for better accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
Guided Wave 3 Turns 110 117 --- 100% ATK Particle By using a system that induces wave energy, accuracy was dramatically increased. Wave Gun with a guidance function.
Force Enabled
Anti-Air Laser H 14 45 54 2-2 47% A/C Optical Optical honeycomb structure with highly destructive forward-moving power. Attacks a target in front of it.
Search Laser H 14 43 51 2-2 65% A/C Vector Highly honeycomb structure with destructive inductive power. Accuracy has increased greatly.
Particle Laser H 18 50 59 1-1 70% A/C Vector Optical honeycomb structure with a high vertical fracturing power. It propagates up and down to destroy its target.

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