R-9WF Sweet Memories
R-9WF Sweet Memories

The R-9WF Sweet Memories, as it appears in R-Type Final.

Type Fighter
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors R-9WB Happy Days
Successor None
Variants None
Even though the Cyber Connector project peaked with this model, its use was discontinued afterward. Some suspect that the reason for this was because of the pilots that flew in these machines. Constant combat against the horrific Bydo and battle stress were the fuel of the Wave Cannon for this weapon, and pilots had a hard time dealing with the emotional drain and visualization of their worst fears being used as weapons. It's unknown whether this craft was named by the engineers or pilots, but it's fairly certain that it was a cynical gesture.


[Illusion Wave Cannon Test]

The cheerful name contrasts the sinister rumor about this craft. The Cyber Connector mental control interface has been greatly improved. Not only brain waves, but life energy of the pilot is converted into Wave energy. It is said that the Wave Cannon emissions are the nightmares that the pilot is experiencing.


Pilots must 15 minutes of flight time with the R-9WB Happy Days to unlock this craft.

Armaments: Force

Bit Device





Wave Cannon

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