R-9F Andromalius
R-9F Andromalius

The R-9F Andromalius, as it appears in R-Type Final

Type Test Model
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors R-9A Arrowhead
Successor RX-10 Albatross
Variants None

The Andromalius was designed to test direct Force unit control through a pair of manipulator arms. These arms can be modified easily or even removed, but it would unbalance the craft and defeat the purpose of using a direct control method.

Force control tests began in earnest after the highly successful R-9A Arrowhead was deployed. This craft, basically a modified R-9 hull with manipulator arms (but not those found on the R-3 and its derivatives) was built to test further Bydo coefficiency and increased control with the Force device. Even though this craft was never meant for combat, it was ultimately fitted with a Wave Cannon and other armaments for use in Operation "Last Dance".


The Andromalius gains its name with this mission. It's available for use at the beginning of the mission.

[Arm Class Control Unit Prototype Fighter]

Even after rollout of the R-9A, this test fighter continued to be equipped with a Force Control Device. Although not part of the original specifications, these models are provisionally rigged with Shock Wave Cannon.

  • Model Name: R-9F "God's Arm" Arm Type Control Unit Test model
  • Length: 24.6m
  • Height: 16.4m
  • Width: 5.3m
  • Weight: 43.0t

Machine employed for experiments even after the R9 rollout. Used in the modification of the Force Control System. A Wave Cannon unit was not equipped.


  • Control Arm: Control Rod was improved and is capable of sending data directly to the Force Control Unit. This prevents mishaps when the unit is used.
  • Multiple Joint: Can be furnished with experimental parts, and the connection joints can be removed in an emergency.
  • Armored Canopy: Revised system that improves upon the canopy found on the R9 Custom model.



Bit Device



Wave Cannon


Andromalius is described as a Earl of Hell in the Ars Goetia and is depicted as a being a big man with a serpent in one hand. He commands 36 legions of demons. His purview is to root out thieves, stolen goods, underhanded dealings and wicked people, and the discovery of hidden treasure.

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