R-9DV Tears Shower
R-9DV Tears Shower

The R-9DV Tears Shower, as it appears in R-Type Final

Type Fighter
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors R-9DH Grace Note
Successor R-9DV2 Northern Lights
Variants R-9DP Hakusan
The R-9DV took the Photon-Belt Wave Cannon's technology and altered it into creating a shower of laser bullets. This craft, and its Wave Cannon, were created for clean-up missions, after the stronger R-craft swept through the area.


After obtaining the R-9DH Grace Note, pilots will need to log 45 minutes of general flight time to unlock this R-craft.


[Photon Vulcan]

Developed for sweeping and clearing missions. Not ideal against giant A-Class Bydo, but it is useful when engaging many small targets. At least one faction within the military has criticized the weaponry for being inhumane.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

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