The R-DP series was an attempt to create a close combat R-craft capable of piercing through thick enemy armor. Unfortunately, it took a few models to get the system right as it didn't make it far into production. The Wave Cannon energy unit was removed and replaced with a bunker busting, explosive-tipped metal spike, launched forward with alarming speed. However, the very short range of the weapon made the craft unfavorable for pilots, and the low demand returned this model to the drawing board. On the plus side, though, it did offer pilots with a large selection of missiles...which were sorely needed, given it's relative lack of ranged attack.


[Pile Bunker Unit]

Equipped with an ultra-hard metallic spike. Built for close combat, it was ineffective in the Bydo War(s) and was not mass-produced. The shields on either side of the fighter prevent scraps of pulverized enemies from entering the engine air intakes, but they serve no defensive purpose.


Unlocking the R-9DP requires 120 minutes of general flight time after unlocking the R-9DV Tears Shower.



Bit Device






Wave Cannon


Gw-PB1 Haxan -Battle Weapon-

Giant unit that cannot be pushed back. Has a Pile Bunker weapon with the highest destructive power a unit can be equipped with.


HP: 145

Fuel: 40

Charge: 4 Turns

Radar: 2

Speed: 2

Evade: 25%


Charge Enabled


Ultrahard Pile Driver

160 Solonium


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Tracer Missile 7 25 30 2-3 70% A/B Guided Missiles with high-powered homing devices for better accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
Depth Charge 3 60 71 Down 2-2 35% ATK Missile Depth charge of exploding gunpowder that is aimed downwardly. More damaging than other missiles. [Shoots downward only]
Haxan Charge 99 68 81 1-1 52% ATK Ram From the housing of huge armor around the cockpit, the enemy is rammed hard. The most powerful body ram.
Pile Bunker 4 Turns 200 236 --- 100% ATK Physical Uses compressed wave gun energy to hammer out ultrahard piles at high speed. Short-ranged, but top-notch destructive power.


Irem's main headquarters are located on the city of Hakusan, Japan.

This craft is named Hanrasan in the Korean version of the game.

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