The R-9D2 was an upgrade to the R-9D, but not much was improved other than the Wave Cannon. Further funding and developments continued along the R-9DH Grace Note path.


[Enhanced Long Range Precision Strike Unit]

Developed specifically to strengthen the R-9D’s Wave Cannon. Four vernier add stability and the Wave Cannon’s charge has been improved. But, development of longer ballistic range was pursued in the R-9DH series, drastically reducing the budget for this series. Therefore, only the Wave Cannon was properly developed.

Requirements: Pilots need to log 15 minutes with the R-9D Shooting Star to unlock this craft.



Bit Device




Wave Cannon


Rwf-9D2 Morning Star -Midrange Support-

Successor of Rwf-9D with stronger Wave Cannon. Lacks blocking and close range weapons. [Attachment: Defensive Force]


  • Units: 5
  • Fuel: 35
  • Charge: 4 Turns
  • Radar: 2
  • Speed: 3
  • Evade: 25%


  • Long Wave Gun
  • Warbase Data
  • 20 Solonium
  • 20 Etherium


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Contact Missile 5 35 42 2-2 35% A/C Guided Missiles which explode on contact for additional damage. Has moderate accuracy, and can't intercept attacks.
Range Wave 2 4 Turns 135 160 --- 100% ATK Particle Improved version of the Dense Wave. Attack range is unchanged, but destructive power is improved.
Force Enabled
Twin Laser 14 35 42 2-2 50% A/C Vector A similar design to the Anti-Air Laser, but with lower firepower and higher accuracy.
Fission Laser 14 43 51 1-1 65% A/C Vector Incredible destructive laser that erupts and explodes on contact.
Shield Laser 18 50 59 1-1 75% BLC Vector Defensive laser specially designed to intercept incoming enemy fire, such as missiles.

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