When even the R-9B Strider was found wanting for long distance warfare, the Space Corps developed the R-9B2 Stayer. New vernier add stability and energy production, allowing this craft to travel farther and strike deeper into Bydo territory than most R-craft.


Pilots need to acquire at least 15 minutes of flight time after obtaining the R-9B Strider to unlock this craft.


[Intra-atmosphere Long Cruise Unit]

Fighter for extremely long distance atmospheric missions. The Wave Cannon’s output has been increased by 1 rank.



Bit Device






Wave Cannon


R-9B2 Stayer -Bomber-

Fast long-range bomber with powerful missiles, though it lacks close-range weapons like the Vulcan gun. Also, no Wave Cannon.


Units: 5

Fuel: 55

Radar: 2

Speed: 4

Evade: 22%


1 R-9B Strider

Rebel Chief's Will

Upgrade 1

30 Solonium

30 Etherium


Name Ammo Power Range Hit ACE Hit Use Type Note
Tracer Missile 7 25 2-3 70% 83% A/B Guided Missiles installed with high-powered homing devices for better accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
Contact Missile 5 35 2-2 35% 42% A/C Guided Missiles which explode on contact for additional damage. Has moderate accuracy, and can't intercept attacks.
Balmung Prototype 1 70 2-4 85% 100% ATK Guided Prototype nuclear missiles which explode near the target and deal heavy damage. Only one can be equipped at a time.
Barricade II 3 60 2-4 97% 100% BLC Vector Enhanced barrier blockade for intercepting incoming missiles. The interception rate has been improved.

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