R-9B1 Strider BK -Bomber-

Custom black Strider with powerful missiles. Same armament, but improved evasion rate thanks to its special paint.


Units: 5

Fuel: 50

Radar: 2

Speed: 4

Evade: 30%


Unit available only through the DLC, can be downloaded from last option on the menu provided you have LAN connection.


Name Ammo Power Range Hit ACE Hit Use Type Note
Tracer Missile 7 25 2-3 70% 83% A/B Guided Missiles installed with high-powered homing devices for better accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
Contact Missile 5 35 2-2 35% 42% A/C Guided Missiles which explode on contact for additional damage. Has moderate accuracy, and can't intercept attacks.
Balmung Prototype 1 70 2-4 85% 100% ATK Guided Prototype nuclear missiles which explode near the target and deal heavy damage. Only one can be equipped at a time.
Barricade 3 60 2-4 85% 100% BLC Vector Enhanced barrier blockade for intercepting incoming missiles. The interception rate has been improved.


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