The Delta hasn't changed much since R-Type Delta, as it's still regarded as a prototype for the R-9C War-Head. This R-craft becomes available after defeating Xelf-16 in Metropolis Quietus.


[Reinforced Atmospheric Prototype]

A stripped-down model designed for in-atmosphere use. A prototype, but with plenty of combat use. Influenced many later designs. Has the same Wave Cannon as the R-9 and also boasts a Diffusion Wave Cannon that can amplify and disperse energy by using a special catalyst.



Bit Device





Wave Cannon

This craft improved on a number of systems from the original Arrowhead.


With the success of the Arrowhead, the Space Corps immediately started making improvements upon the design. The frame of an Arrowhead was stripped and used as a test bed for new technologies. However, when the Moritz-G struck one year after the events of the first Bydo encounter, the Delta was made combat-worthy and sent off to battle still in an experimental state, next to the R-13A Cerberus and RX-10 Albatross.

This is the default fighter for this mission. It's often referred to as "R9 aII".


'The R-9A2 Delta comes equipped with a Diffusion Wave Cannon, which concentrates and then disperses its energy using a special catalyzer. It is also equipped with the same Wave Cannon found on the R9 mass-production models.

It has a B-Energy of 2.8 Bydo.

Armaments: Force

Bit Device


Wave Cannon

Delta Weapon


Rwf-9A2 Delta -Fighter-

Successor to R-9A. Equipped with a diffusion Wave Cannon prototype to spread attack. [Attachment: Standard Force]

Units: 5

Fuel: 40

Charge: 4 Turn

Radar: 2

Speed: 3

Evade: 35%


Force Enabled (Defensive Force)

Charge Enabled


1 x R-9A Arrowhead

Discretionary Power Up

Split Wave

10 Solonium

10 Etherium


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan 99 10 12 1-1 45% A/B Machine Gun A short-range rapid-fire cannon. Has low firepower, but can intercept attacks.
Tracer Missile 7 25 30 2-3 70% A/B Guided Missiles with high-powered homing devices for better accuracy. Can intercept enemy fire.
Diffusion Wave 4 Turns 85 101 --- 100% ATK Particle By dispersing energy, this Wave cannon was developed to damage the enemy in a wide range. Due to the diffusion it is shorter than the original range.
Force Enabled
Anti-Air Laser 14 40 48 2-2 40% A/C Optical A focused beam of Bydo energy fired by a Force. Appears red and blue to the naked eye.
Reflex Laser 14 35 42 2-2 60% A/C Vector High accuracy, precision lasers designed to reflect around walls and obstacles.
Search Laser 18 43 51 1-1 65% A/C Vector Created as an ATG laser, it was later modified to act as a short-range laser usable in space.


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