The R-7 as it appears in R-Types

Built in 2136. Though instrumental in the design of future R-craft, this particular model had a reputation for being bad luck. Not only did an early accident result in the deaths of all crews, the ship itself was vaporized in 2143 during a disastrous Force test. Despite these setbacks, the R-Series wouldn't be what it is now without the tremendous contributions, testing, and technologies this craft pioneered.


  • Model Name: R-7 "Bad Fortune Test Spacecraft" Test Combat Spacecraft
  • Length: 17.4m
  • Height: 11.0m
  • Width: 6.0m
  • Weight: 38.8t

An upgraded version of the R-5. This is the first vehicle to venture into space. It was used as the test bed for the Force system and the Wave Cannon unit. However, all the crew were killed in an accident during one of the early test flights.


  • Force Conductor: Device used to control and direct the unstable "Force Energy".
  • Bit Conductor: The system that holds the "Bit Device" around the spacecraft.
  • Option Generator: Device that creates energy using a catalyst from an experimental mechanism.