R5 as seen in R-Types

Technological breakthroughs in 2108 led to the design of this ship, a precursor to the ubiquitous R-9A Arrowhead and part of the R-Series. Though it's primarily designed for general space operations and asteroid-blasting, this ship would eventually be outfitted with a low-powered Wave Cannon. This ship has long since retired.


  • Model Name: R-5 "High Power Spacecraft" Tugboat
  • Length: 16.0m
  • Height: 10.9m
  • Width: 5.8m
  • Weight: 29.0t

Used as a space-based tugboat. Because of it's variety of unit options, it can be used in many different situations. Eventually this unit will be equipped with a Wave Cannon, and an asteroid blaster can be equipped as one of the unit's options.


  • Engine Unit: A bigger engine, which is able to tow large naval vessels, can be equipped. The engine size can be changed to accommodate the weight of different vessels.
  • Sub-Generator: Used to recycle electric energy from left-over active energy, making the craft more fuel efficient.

See Also

The TP-3 Mr. Heli was also designed for asteroid-cracking.