The R-3 as it appears in R-Types.

Created in 2075 AD, The R-3 is an early model in the R-Series that eventually led to the R-9A Arrowhead. It was not built for combat, and its unique limbed design can be seen in later models.


  • Model Name: R-3 "General Purpose Spacecraft" General Operation Craft
  • Length: 10.3m
  • Height: 10.1m
  • Width: 8.0m
  • Weight: 16.6t

Operation ship developed for space flight. The canopy provides great visibility and will be used in the new versions of R-games. Equipped with a pair of manipulators, the ship is used for a variety of tasks, such as building facilities, conveying materials, and collecting space ships.


  • Manipulator: A pincer-shaped device for maneuvering objects in space. Mechanical tendons made from shape memory alloy and various sensors allow the device to perform complicated work.
  • Control Pod: Device used to direct the machine's movements, allowing for smooth control.
  • Twin Engine: Engine unit that gives the machine great mobility, equipped on this craft for the first time.

See Also

Though the R-3 has long since retired, it's design is reflected in newer ships, such as the R-9AF Morning Glory, Rr2o-3 Craft Module, and it's successor, Rr2o-3-2 Craft Module Mk2.