Wanting to eke out every possible erg of speed, the previous R-11S was put back on the drawing board and redesigned. Since the G-dampeners from that model were the primary limit to speed, the engineers focused their attention to that device. Eventually, after a complete re-design of the cockpit, they were able to reinforce it enough to support the full power of the G-dampeners and unlock the maximum possible speed. The R-11S, now one of the fastest ships in the R-Series, was then deployed for urban operations. The Bit Conductor was improved to accept Shield Bits, presumably to provide further protection for the ship when traveling at high velocities.


[Metro Extreme Pursuit Unit]

The R-11S cockpit was totally revamped and the G-force dampeners made stronger. It is said that nothing in the city can outrun this model.


Logging 60 minutes with the R-11S Tropical Angel will unlock this craft.



Bit Device






Wave Cannon


R-11S2 No Chaser -Supersonic Fighter-

Model trading in durability for maximum mobility. Has a move again function and a Capture Bullet can be used.


Units: 5 (80)

Fuel: 40

Radar: 3

Speed: 6

Evade: 52%

ACE Evade: 63%


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan Mk2 99 15 1-1 50% A/B Machine Gun A modified Vulcan with higher power and accuracy.
Photonpedo 6 30 2-2 50% A/C Missile Launches pods which burst open and fire accelerating missiles.
Capture Bullet 11 1 2-2 92% ATK Guided Consume fuel to use Capture bullet on the enemy. If successfuly, it can be used as friendly unit. (Dimantled for resources after mission)
Clamp Laser 14 50 2-4 90% A/B Vector Optical lasser that hones in on the target and damages it. Has high range and accuracy, and can intercept fire.


  • While this fighter claims to be the fastest in the game, there are no visual changes to the speed while in-game. The fighter handles just like any R-Craft and is the same speed as other R-Craft. Whether this was intended by Irem or not is a mystery.

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