This is the first of a series of dedicated atmospheric fighters, built for urban operations and crowded areas. As such, the R-11 series are built for agility, speed, and versatility rather than firepower. The first versions of the R-11A replaced the missile launchers with a close range, "shotgun"-like interceptor weapon. However, poor performance saw that this weapon was eventually replaced by standard missile launchers.


[Remote Garrison Enforcer]

Last mass-produced fighter based on R-9 data. Known for low cost and dependability. Along with the R-13 it was one of the most common fighters. Designated for inner-atmosphere use, especially around urban areas, it featured a compact body and nimble movement. One type was even used by a private security group.

  • Model Name: R-11A "The Great Descendant" Frontier Patrol Model
  • Length: 9.6m
  • Height: 4.3m
  • Width: 2.9m
  • Weight: 6.3t

The last mass production model in the R-series based on the R-9. Compared to the R-13A Cerberus, a rival production model, it is highly valued for its capability. Compactly designed specifically for planetary combat, some units were provided for use as armored police vehicles.


  • Mini Burst Wave Cannon: This weapon is similar to the one found on the R-9D Shooting Star. It has a shorter range but reduces time and maintenance.
  • Bolt Cluster: Multiple electromagnetic shot system designed to attack in a wide spread in front of the ship. Frequently switched by the pilots to missile launchers due to the poor firing distance of the Bolt Cluster.


Logging 30 minutes with the RX-10 Albatross will unlock this craft.



Bit Device




Wave Cannon

The Rwf-11A R-Future has the unique ability to Move both before and after an attack, resulting in a craft that can easily harass enemies and fly away to do it again. The other result is a craft that runs low on fuel faster than others.


Advanced R-9 model with improvements focused on mobility. Can Move again after attacking.

Units: 5

Fuel: 45

Charge: 4 Turn

Radar: 3

Speed: 5

Evade: 45%

ACE Evade: 53%


Charge Enabled


Light Alloy

110 Solonium


Name Ammo Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Vulcan Mk2 99 15 1-1 50% A/B Machine Gun A modified Vulcan with higher power and accuracy.
Photonpedo 6 30 2-2 50% A/C Missile Launches pods which burst open and fire accelerating missiles.
Harvester 11 25 2-4 92% ATK Guided A weapon that can harvest destroyed Bydo lifeforms and convert them to Bydogen.
Blast Wave 4 Turn 115 --- 99% ATK Particle An Impact Wave that has been modified to allow smaller units to handle it.

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