R-100 Curtain Call
R-100 Curtain Call

The R-100 Curtain Call, as it appears in R-Type Final

Type Ultimate Fighter
Date Designed Unknown
First Appearance R-Type Final
Status Discontinued
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessor R-99 Last Dancer
Successor R-101 Grand Finale
Variants R-100X Prototype
The R-100 Curtain Call is the Second Generation of Ultimate Fighters in the R-Series, created and used by the Space Corps. It is featured only in R-Type Final, being the second of the three ships that can apply all weapons. The 100th fighter in the R-Series, many advancements have been made over the R-99 Last Dancer, and especially over the original R-9A Arrowhead.

After the creation of the R-99, a few major flaws emerged. The first and most prominent problem was excessive overheating due to the R-99's high-energy weapons. This was fixed with a more sleek, exaggerated design with large radiators in the rear. The second was the loss of accuracy in some wave cannons while traveling through alternate dimensions, such as Dimension 26. The problem was solved by adding a large directory barrel underneath the cockpit. The final main flaw that was fixed with the R-101 is problems with mobility that were faced when traveling at high speeds. This was fixed by making the chassis more rigid and wider, as well as adding small stabilizers on the side of the craft. However some problems remain, the most prominent being the high unit cost for such a fighter, and the second being minor issues when docking a Standard Force X to the rear of the craft. This was supposed to be last of the R-craft, it's upgrades meant to preserve the technology of all previous R-craft developed than to actually serve in combat.


[Ultimate Interchangeable Fighter Ver. 2]

The R-99 ended R-fighter development, but this unit was made to transmit the technology to future generations.


The R-100 must be unlocked with a secret code. In Europe and Japan it's 9910 0101, in the US it's 1009 9201.


The Curtain Call is the most advanced fighter in Final (with the exception of the R-101 Grand Finale), being able to carry any of 84 wave cannons, 53 forces, 10 types of missiles, and 12 bits. It has the best Vulcan of any ship in the game, and is the second most maneuverable (aside from the R-11S2 No Chaser). All compatible weapons are shown below:



Bit Device

  • 2 x ANY BIT



Wave Cannon


Cannon: Standard Vulcan

Some missile packages drop more than one missile at a time. The quantity was left blank for this reason.

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