One of the few melee weapons in the R-Series arsenal, the Pile Bunker series of Wave Cannons is an underslung spike mounted on the bottom of a fighter. When activated, the spike lances forward from the bottom of the ship and deals moderate damage to whatever it impacts.

Pile Bunker

The Pile Bunker is a reasonably strong weapon, but with a crippling short range. This weapon barely reaches out from under the cockpit. Pilots must risk very close contact with their target in order for this weapon to be effective.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. A ultra-hard, explosive-tipped spike stabs the enemy at tremendous speed. It inflicts great damage, but the range is extremely short.

The R-9DP Hakusan was equipped with this weapon, but the short range turned away many pilots and it was never used extensively.

Tesla Pile Bunker

This operates nearly identical to the above Pile Bunker. The extra loop grants more attack power, greater speed, and, perhaps most importantly, longer range. It still requires a pilot to fly uncomfortably close to the target.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. The amount is explosive charge on the pile bunker is increased drastically. Striking speed is also improved. Contrary to belief, it is not an electrical weapon. The tremendous speed of the spike causes particles in the air to collide, giving the weapon a static charge.

This weapon was equipped on the unused R-9DP2 Asanogawa and never saw real combat duty.

Hyper Tesla Pile Bunker

Also known as Tesla Pile Bunker H. Adding another loop increase further increases overall usefulness, and the effective range of this close combat weapon is now to the point where the pilot can maintain a relatively safe distance from the intended target when firing. It's a very strong weapon, but it's very nature reduces its effectiveness in situations where long-range attacks would be more effective.

R-Type Final

4 Loop Max. There are 2 Final Wave Cannons: weapons with awesome and terrible destructive power. They are the Giga Wave Cannon, and this weapon.

The R-9DP3 Kenrokuen became popular with the addition of this weapon.

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