Simple yet effective, this Wave Cannon fires a stream of bullets that increase with charge level. The hail is strong enough to wipe out weaker targets, but it's not as effective against very large targets. The bullets will pierce through weak enemies and is ideal for attacking those kind of foes.

Photon Vulcan

The first stage of this weapon allows for two charge loops.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. Uses photon bullets and shoots with a high rate of fire. Very useful when surrounded by many hostiles.

Equipped on the R-9DV Tears Shower, a craft primarily designed for sweep & clear missions.

Photon Vulcan II

This enhanced Photon Vulcan adds another loop, further increasing the number of bullets. It's still not a good Wave Cannon against large Bydo.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Successfully extended the continuous rapid-fire time of the Photon Vulcan. However, the weapon is not very effective against large Bydo.

The R-9DV2 Northern Lights was created to test and use this upgrade to the Photon Vulcan.

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