The P-Staff/Pistaph is a bipedal missile platform used by the Bydo to protect fortresses and other important places. This blue mechanoid is present in most missions as a ground-based enemy. It cannot fly, but it's missiles often arc high. It's a moderately tough unit that launches upwards of four to six missiles at a time. P-Staffs will take advantage of terrain and may be hard to attack with forward-firing weapons at times. Missiles are recommended, particularly Scatter Bombs.




Automatic missile launcher. Was used as a guard device until its control system was taken over by the Bydo.

R-Type Delta

Encountered in Stage 1.

R-Type Final

It's known as Relic here.

Biped anti-air missile turret. Move within firing range, and small anti-air missiles will be launched.

R-Type Command

Though its appearance doesn't differ too much from previous encounters, it's called the "Pistaph" in this mission. It's role as ground support hasn't changed, but Bydo commanders need to make sure it has close air support, as it is a weak unit. Despite this shortcoming, it's one of the few Bydo units with a decent radar range.


Bg-Pf Pistaph -Autonomous Turret-

Mobile missile turret originally created to defend the Bestra facility. Not equipped with close range weaponry.

  • Units: 5
  • Fuel: 35
  • Radar: 4
  • Speed: 3
  • Evade: 8%


RTT1: This unit can only be obtained through hacking.


  • Mecha Tread System
  • 40 Solonium
  • 50 Bydogen



Name Ammo Power Range Hit Ace Hit Use Type Note
Guided Missile 20 20 2-4 70% 83% A/B Guided Small missiles with little individual power, but their combined force can be deadly. They can intercept attacks.

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