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OF-3 Garuda
OF-3 Garuda

The OF-3 Garuda, as it appears in R-Type Final.

Type Stealth Fighter
Date Designed 2051 (Image Fight only)
First Appearance Image Fight II
Status In Use; Space Corps
Primary User Space Corps
Predecessors OFX-2 Valkyrie
Successor OFX-4 Songoku
Variants None
The OF-3 is a slight improvement upon the prior OFX-2. Technological advances increased the engine output and provided a light frame, allowing for use of a more powerful Force. This new model has the capability of stealth mode to hide from detection systems, but it's not be confused with a proper cloaking device; stealth mode is all but useless in direct combat. It also is able to eject its canopy.


Successor based on the OF-1 design concept. A fusion reactor was added, and the body is smaller, lighter, and has stealth capability.

Requirements: Pilots must log 30 minutes with the previous OFX-2 Valkyrie to fly this craft.

Armaments: Force

Bit Device




Wave Cannon

OF-3 Garuda Image Fight II

The OF-3 Garuda from Image Fight II.

The OF-3 Garuda is an experimental fighter which the pilot must test before using it in real combat.


  • Plasma Flame - A short range flame thrower is released that bends up to 90 degrees opposite of the movement of the OF-3.
  • Side Search Laser - Works exactly like a Homing Laser except instead of shooting up, it shoots to the left and right then bends up/down.
  • Ground Missile - Missiles shoot out the sides and travel up along the terrain.
  • Gravity Bomb - A slow moving bomb is shot ahead and upon impact spreads out a small distance.
  • Multi-Barrier - A barrier is formed that slightly moves when the OF-3 moves. It can also be shot out to damage targets.
  • Speed Cannon - The speed of the ship determines how big the shot is. Higher speeds means smaller shots.


  • The Garuda is a bird-like entity seen in Buddhism and Hindu mythology.
  • In Image Fight II, the OF-3 Garuda replaces the OF-1 Daedalus.
  • Two Garudas were shot down during real combat, just like the two Daedalus in Image Fight.

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