Negus O Shim

Negus O Shim is the Bydo encountered at the end of Twisted Ecology, which changes depending upon the last pilot to defeat Negus O Shim (see the stage link for further details). It bears a physical and tactical resemblance to Gomander and it's symbiotic companion Outslay. Negus O Shim hangs, cocoon-like, from the bottom of a metallic platform.

Attack Pattern

Its hide is impervious to attack, only causing it to sway slightly. As its only attack, long, segmented tentacles will slither outward from the cocoon, each segment firing off bursts of bullet-like energy. These segments can be easily destroyed with either Force or weapons fire.

Negus O Shim's only vulnerable point is a yellow bulb that appears occasionally appears on either side of the cocoon. The bulb is easy enough to hit from the left side, but attacking the bulb if it appears on the right side of the cocoon required clever placement of the Force and/or its projectiles, or using a Wave Cannon to attack through or around the cocoon, such as the Mega Wave Cannon.

After being defeated once, Negus O Shim will sport an extra blue and red bulb on subsequent encounters. Destroying either one changes the Twisted Ecology's climate for the next pilot; blue shifts the climate cooler, and red shifts it warmer. However, this has no effect on Negus O Shim's tactics or appearance.


R-Type Final

It is believed to be in embryonic form, but no-one as ever seen a mature specimen. It can control the atmosphere and frequently changes the climate around it.

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