Needle Force
The Needle Force is an attempt to refine the Force weapons of the Standard Force. Studded by short spikes, it resembles nothing more than the business end of a medieval mace.

It allows the pilot to use the following beams with the appropriate Laser Crystal:

  • Red: Wavy Laser: This ray closely resembles a heartbeat as seen on a electrocardiogram.
  • Blue: 3 Way Reflect Laser: Fires a set of blue rays that operate similar to the Standard Force's Rebound Laser.
  • Yellow: Bounce Laser: A pair of orange rays lance above and below the craft, following along surfaces.

When detached:

  • Level 1: The Force fires a burst of 8 bullets, one in each cardinal direction and diagonally between.
  • Level 2: The Force spins rapidly, showering the area with a hail of bullets.
  • Level 3: As above, except the bullet spray is more focused.


R-Type Delta

Though it goes under the name of Bydo Force, the Needle Force is used by the TP-2 POW Armor in this mission.

R-Type Final

Due to Force instability, several thorn-shaped Control Rods are attached. Thorn positions are slightly different on each craft, making maintenance very difficult.

Once again found on the TP-2 POW Armor.